In the name of the God Hearty respects to each and every one who are reading and encouraging our second monthly magazine Calvary Prathyakshatha. By the call of the God made number of services for his devotees. Calvary Bible College is not only a college but the main part of the Holy service to God. Very beginning with started 52 students in 2000. By the Grace of the God the Calvary Bible College run successfully and made a number of students as ascenders of Jesus still 2016. All the servants of God came from our college still continuing the service and strengthen in the name of God. Thank you God for giving this good opportunity make them true servants of God.


        We come across the Holy Bible we can see many incidents. How Caleb and Joshua worked hard with dedicated mind for the favor of Moses, Elisha zeal to serve Aleah in his service the same way Jesus Christ followed and answered all the questions given by Pharisees and Sadducees he challenged their wisdom. That kind of service Jesus wants. Jesus Christ the Holy spirit of God proverbs you, encourage as you are in strong in stage he wants to make miracles with you. The God wants to make great wisdom with you. There is no any force on to join Calvary Bible College. You're heartily welcome. God calls for you come and join and dedicate your life in the service of God Jesus. When you were in week the God wants you to become as stronger than anybody. When you are in poor the God wants to see you to be braver. Would you like to become stronger and braver? This is the time for you. Come and here the voice of Calvary Bible College.


Features of our Calvary Bible College


           1. Our beloved God Jesus blessed the college with full accommodation and 6 acres of vast area.

           2. Day and Night with bright dedicated and devotional prayer commenced.

           3. Maintain good hard work for church and good experience to make good church independently.

           4. Live for God and leave all our leisure luxuries.

           5. Good cooperative staff and affectionately love atmosphere.

           6. Good hostel facilities, library facilities provided.


        So, the Calvary Bible College established for only the pure and true service for the people who need the love and cooperation of God. In the same manner I am very happy to say don't waste your time. Jesus Christ is calling you, come on this is the time to join in the service and become a good faithful servant of the Jesus to lead his people who are uncontrolled. Be ready service to church.

God Bless You all.

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